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LORD Corporation is a diversified technology and manufacturing company that develops adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies for industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and industrial.

A former technician shares his experience on Indeed.com, "Managers at LORD Corporation manipulate programs to benefit their inner circles. Managers layoff good scientists, to keep their mediocre friends/scientists, on the payroll. Engineers falsely claim credit for technician's contributions, then lie about them."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Not the same company after being purchased by Parker"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Managers manipulate programs to benefit their inner circles.Managers layoff good scientists, to keep their mediocre friends/scientists, on the payroll.Engineers falsely claim credit for technician's contributions, then lie about them.Great Company, if you're under 25Nepotism and Cronyism"

Security Guard (Current Employee) says

"The security for lords is not a place you would want too work if you want a life they will give many I got 3 12 hour shifts in a row on my first day working thereNone"

Chemical Operator (Former Employee) says

"Lord is racially divided. The plant manager is a racist and does not let people of color advance. There are no minorities in upper management and often times people of color are passed over based on past events that they dig up over several months. All complaints are over looked and human resources sides with personnel with seniority rights although these are employees with no formal training. hnohave no formal training and are young and immature employees. training"

Cell Operator (Former Employee) says

"Got I'm a car wreck in my first 90 days and missed 2 days with a doctor's note and they still held it against me. I got hired for a 3rd shift position but around that time they where selling there company so they started down sizing. They moved me to 2nd shift which I told them that it would b extremely difficult for me because of my son. I was then told u could quit an come back. They wont work with u at all. Also found out as I was being let go that the hr manager told the shift supervisor that I wouldnt make it cause it would b hard for me to work second shift do dont count on me being there long."

Spray room operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked here on first shift, given that I was younger lots of older people including the supervisor had it out for me... I had to have surgery, and I had made sure by human recourses I would be okay having it done, I had a doctors note...so I go and have the surgery done, I was huge gone for two weeks, well... I come back to work and my second day back they let me go bc they aid “ I had forgotten some things “, and just lies... I couldn’t believe what they said about me... this place only keeps lazy people who don’t wanna work and let go of the ones who wanna work! The first shift supervisor and the management on first shift are dirty people !! I don’t recommend this place to anyone unless you want to be done wrong.NothingFirst shift supervisor and upper management are dirty people"

Clerk - Export Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Did the international shipping. Had to make sure all your "i's" were dotted and your "t's" were crossed. A lot paperwork had to accompany the shipment to get through customs. End of the month it was nothing to work 12-14 hours a day.Good salaryLong hours at the end of the month"

Not sleeping with upper managment (Current Employee) says

"Lord corp isnt a company but a strange private fantasy land, North Carolina's very own Netherland ranch. I know publicly traded companies aren't saints but a short tenure at Lord (a private company and proud of it) will make them look like Mother Theresa. If you come from larger companies or publicly traded companies you will find Lords Business practices at best corrupt and at worst downright illegal. I'd complain to the General counsel but he is literally married to CFO and the HR department is completely incompetent. For canindates and new employees beware their forgivable loan program as it is a dirty ploy to trap you into working for them for 2 years or more. There have actually been cases when new hires quit within two weeks of starting and never cashed the so called "signing bonus" becuase things are that crazy and weird at Lord. So just imagine how bad something must be in order for you to go crawling back to your own job or just flat out quit and be unemployed. That in itself really says something. If Lord calls you for a interview do youself a favor and decline!I escapedeverything!"

Senior Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"LORD is a company of young executive wannabees who will railroad you out of the company if you make one misstep. I believe my misstep came when I misspelled one of the young executive wannabees names in an email. I was hired in as a Senior Account Manager and excelled in every aspect of my job except one…they had me forecasted for 35% growth in one year. Not only did I not hit that mark, I was actually down 4% in 12 months due to one company that accounted for 75% of my territory being down. When price increases had to go through, I passed them on to ALL of my accounts, while many in my group, accepted no increases because they were afraid their customers would switch. I had 3 times the amount of customer visit reports yet was told that I was concentrating on too few accounts. The hiring manager (aka, my boss) decided to retire 7 months in to my job, and was really my only advocate in explaining my loss in business. It is interesting when you own the market. It makes prospecting for new accounts practically impossible, but my new boss was very disappointed in the fact that I was only pursuing new business through my current buying account base (and wasn’t out cold calling accounts). All in all, I was extremely disappointed when LORD FIRED me with no severance. Luckily, as I anticipated this change, I had the job that I currently hold on deck (so I was only out of work for 3 weeks). I was fortunate. Long story short, I wasted a year and a half of my career working for a company full of buffoons. Amazing that they would spend all the money to onboard me, only to fireMoney was OKEverything!"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"they are very clickish,you are ,they either like you or they dont,if they dont they make your time there miserable,they will force you to quit,very unsafe,breathing chemicals,what they dont tell you is people getting cancer,after working there for years,,like i said DONT DO ITnothingbreathing cancer causeing chemicals"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"The hardest part of the job was working for a person hooked on pain killers. Management often sought out cheaper solutions to a product used in space by looking at off the shelf product or automotive grade. The hardest part of the job was looking the other way when product was not good quality.Coffee clubNo movement out of your position"


"I would not recommend Lord Corporation to anyone. The benefits are great, but the leadership in this organizationan is horrible, they do not care about their employeesBenefits"

mon to fri yes man (Current Employee) says

"Lord Corp is a private company dealing with aviation parts, adhesives, coatings or really its one money maker CHEMLOK. You will notice when you start working at Lord many of its employees have been there 20,30, even 50 years! which at first you may think is a good thing. However as you learn more you will see that really becuase of this the last time any new ideas were brought into this company was the 1980s. extremely outdated technology, business processes, and management practices. Most of Lords internal processes such as IT, Accounting, and HR have been outsourced so if you work in one these areas Lord is not the place for you.These departments are full of incompetent employees and managers who sit back and just collect inflated salaries to do what is really vendor management. On the manufacturing side workers are exploited with low wages, intermitent work stoppages, and arent properly suported by corporate due to its outdated technology and inept business practices. There is also a good chance your paycheck wont arrive on time! If you are looking for a challenging job with new innovative ideas and technology this isnt the place for you. However if you are like 50/60 years old and never really caught onto the computer age and just need a place to ride those next couple years out till retirement? Lord is the place for you!great place to work 9 to 5 and just collect a salaryNot a challenging company, No innovative technology or ideas"

PRESS OPERATOR (Former Employee) says

"Whenever I started, this was a great place to work, they seemed to actually care about their employees. That quickly disappeared. They expect the production workers to be machines that they can push beyond what is reasonable. The overtime is posted in advance, and you have all month to get it done. What is terrible is the management. Just for an example, it is HOT in the summer time, if the heat index is over 100, then employees are given a 5 minute break every hour. After working in this heat all day on second shift, the heat index dropped below 100 right before 10 pm, (quitting time is at 11:30pm), the second shift supervisor, refused to give the extra 5 minutes break because it was no longer over 100 degrees. Even though employees were exhausted and still hot, and needed the break from the heat all day. It just shows you that they supervisors and management do not care about employees, but numbers instead. It use to not be like that there. I can give more examples of the pettiness of the supervisors but I won't. And no, I am not a disgruntled former employee, I left on my own terms."

Senior Staff Quality Engineer (Current Employee) says

"You are either part of the click or your not... and if your not... the word integrity means nothing because the senior leadership does not have any..."

Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work. The worst management I've ever seen. Place is a joke ran like a minimum security penitentiary. Then after u leave they try to cheat u out of ur last check and 401k."

laborer (Former Employee) says

"Don't go to third shift. Egotistical arrogant lazy fake Christian acting supervisor. Bowling green KY management is horrible. If you don't get under the desk you wont move up no matter how hard you work. They over hire and then fire people for anything. Hr is worthless, they can't keep a plant manager, the production manager is way over paid and the shift supervisors are clueless of the production operations and machines, and the team leads are lazy who didn't get their job by working hard. Maintenance sucks too"

Reactor Operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for well over five years and can attest to nothing but an unfulfilling experience. Advancing through three different departments, the opportunity was there if you aligned with their clique. Being bi-racial in a workplace like this one was not enjoyable, as I was harassed and discriminated against. This certain location of this corporation has been known to run off non-white people and has a history of covering up for bigots. There is favoritism and nepotism rampant in this shop, with one group from a certain area trying to justify their hold on perceived power. This shop should be avoided at all costs if one seeks to be in an inclusive work environment. cake every monthmanagement is weak, hostile work environment for minorities"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management is chosen by nepotism and knowledge and skills mean very little. Firings occur on a regular basis at the end of the year to meet company metrics and who and why is done almost at random regardless of performance or years of service. People are treated as tools to be manipulated as they see fit in what ever manner they choose and if you don't accept that, you will not be employed very long. Pay and benefits are great but not worth the oppression, control, and poor business practices and miss management. This company is a text book example of what not to do in any quality guide, and the culture shows it.Compensation and BenefitsManagement, Culture"

MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"It was difficult to get decisions made because upper-level approval was required for even relatively trivial decisions. Layoff's typically included longer-term employees, so job security is questionable for the long-haul."

Specialist (Former Employee) says

"IF I could have worked for the company, it would have been a better experience but my manager never let us get the perks the company allowed. We could never leave early when the company released us at holidays, we could not flex time or work from home without having it looked down upon, and we always got lectures on how to do things differently (her way).Great insuranceBad management"